Alcohol-free beer during pregnancy

Alcohol-free beer during pregnancy, is that possible? Since the establishment of the Alcohol-Free Beer House, we regularly receive the question whether you can drink alcohol-free beer during pregnancy. We also regularly receive questions about which alcohol-free beers can/may be drunk during pregnancy. Since many people associate drinking a glass of wine or a beer with conviviality, it is, after all, nicer to drink something other than a "soft drink".

Thanks to the development in non-alcoholic beers, there is now a worthy alternative!

To be able to drink an alcohol-free beer during your pregnancy, it is important that you go for the real 0.0 variety! This means that they must be "Alcohol-free" beers. Although the so-called "Low-alcohol" beers also fall under the alcohol-free category, the beers with less than 0.5 percent alcohol up to and including 0.1 percent alcohol are not suitable for consumption during pregnancy.


At Alcohol Free Beer House we have a wide range of 0.0 beers that are safe to drink during pregnancy. Below you can see a selection of our favourite beers that are suitable for drinking during pregnancy, or click here for the complete range of alcohol-free beers.

Before we forget to mention it, the alcohol-free and low-alcohol alternatives are also perfect for the dads and mums-to-be who are not pregnant themselves. But who do want to support their pregnant partner during pregnancy!

All in all, if you don't know which alcohol-free beers you can drink during pregnancy? Of course we can help you with that! With our Alcohol-free beer package, consisting of 6 or 12 beers, we put together a tasty selection for you. In short, place your order now!

Alcohol-free specialty beer

Pregnancy-friendly beer package 6 beers


Alcohol-free specialty beer

Pregnancy-friendly beer package 12 beers