Alcohol-free special beer

Alcohol-free beer is also called malt beer in the Netherlands. For a long time there was a kind of taboo around drinking alcohol-free beer; the taste often left something to be desired.

With the advent of Radlers, alcohol-free beers have taken off. In the Netherlands, a beer is alcohol-free when it contains less than 0.1% alcohol. There are beers with 0.0% and beers with a very low alcohol percentage, within our webshop you will only find beers with less than 0.5% alcohol also called the international standard for alcohol-free. This has mainly to do with the brewing process. That alcohol-free beer is becoming increasingly popular can also be seen in movements such as Dry January and Stoptober.

The quality of the brewing process also determines the quality of the beer; there are now a large number of speciality beer brewers who have mastered the art of alcohol-free brewing and thus offer delicious, alcohol-free alternatives. Alcohol-free beer is now just as tasty as its alcoholic counterpart. Because there is no alcohol in the beer, it also contains far fewer calories. In short, a tasty and healthier alternative. In our webshop, you will find a large selection of quality alcohol-free special beers.


There are 3 brewing methods for making alcohol-free beer:


The first method corresponds most closely to the normal brewing process of normal beers. The amount of alcohol that is produced during the fermentation process is determined by the yeast. In the case of low-alcohol or alcohol-free beers, yeast is used that produces little or no alcohol.


The beer is brewed in a normal way, but then alcohol is extracted from the beer through distillation at temperatures as high as 30 degrees. Unfortunately, some of the flavour is lost as a result, which does not always benefit the beer.

Diaphragm filter

After the normal brewing process, the beer is forced through a special membrane filter, which removes the alcohol. This is a slow and costly process and, as with distillation, flavourings are lost.