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Too Good To Go

When there are low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers whose THT (Best Before) date is (almost) expiring or has expired, it does not mean that the beers are spoiled or bad. According to the Dutch Nutrition Centre, you can still drink the beers up to 1 year after their THT.

Sin to throw away

That's why Too Good To Go, we feel it's a shame to throw the beers away or destroy them. That's why we offer them at a steep discount. Discount for the people who have a big thirst and want to use the beers quickly. Because say it yourself, throwing beer away is also a waste.


Alcohol-free and low-alcohol Pilsner

Hertog Jan - 0.0 - Pilsner


Alcohol-free and low-alcohol Pilsner

Rothaus - Tannenzäpfle - Pilsener


Alcohol-free English beer

Lowtide - Brune-DMC - Brown

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €4,49.Huidige prijs is: €3,99.
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