Alcohol-free beer house 2.0 - The innovations

Alcohol-free beer house 2.0 - The innovations

Non-alcoholic beer house 2.0

Since our launch on 5 October 2021, the website has had no technical updates or major renewals. Both Robin and I thought it was time for some changes. We introduce you to the Alcohol Free Beer House 2.0! The following improvements have been made to give you a more pleasant shopping experience. So you can find the most delicious non-alcoholic beers even more easily.

Non-alcoholic beer house 2.0 - Multi Language
Non-alcoholic beer house 2.0 - Cookie

Multi Language

The website is now available in Dutch, German and French. You can change the language by simply clicking on the flag in the top right-hand corner. Also bold: from now on we ship to Germany and France.

Cookie Law Notification

In 2018, the Telecommunications Act (Cookie Act) changed and websites are obliged to ask visitors for permission to place cookies. In our previous cookie notification, the consequence of your choice was not clear enough. Therefore, a simple adjustment followed: "refuse" or "accept" cookies. You will receive this message during your first visit to our website. You will immediately know where you stand.

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your computer, mobile or tablet. Essential cookies are not privacy-sensitive and keep track of anonymous data such as visitor numbers. The crux is in the tracking cookies. These track individual surfing behaviour, enabling advertisements to be targeted directly at you. Since this can be experienced as undesirable, we ask your permission beforehand. Fortunately, beer is never a bad thing to be reminded of.

Non-alcoholic beer house 2.0 - Categories

New filters

During Alcohol Free Beer House 1.0, you could filter the beers by Beer Style, Brewery and Species. Good idea, but in practice too limited. Therefore, we have added new filters: Colour, Untappd rating (see later in this blog), IBU (International Bitterness Units), Flavour profile, Packaging, Gluten-free and Price. Moreover, we have categorised the beers differently, which makes the filters work better. This way, you can find the perfect non-alcoholic beer in just a few clicks.

New categories

We have already explained this a little above. From now on, our main menu is divided into flavour profiles and beer types. In other words: much easier to find the beer you like. As icing on the cake, for each type of beer we explain which occasion or food it can best be drunk with.


At first, you had to browse through the entire range to find beers on sale. This led to our "special offers" page. Here you will find all our discounted beers. Be quick, because the beers on this page are often limited in stock.

Beer packages

Previously, our popular beer packs got a bit lost among our assortment. That is why we created the beer packages page. Here you will find all the possibilities we offer. Ideal as a surprise package.

Gift voucher

We regularly get the question whether we have gift vouchers. In short: yes, we do! Not only for the holidays but also for birthdays, Valentine's Day or other occasions. Order your gift voucher easily here.

Alcohol-free specialty beer

Gift voucher Alcohol-free Beer House

10,00 - 100,00

Untappd, the best innovation

We have programmed a plugin ourselves that retrieves the rating of beers from Untappd. This score is added to every beer in our webshop displayed at each beer in our webshop. Do you see a beer you do not know yet? Then the Untappd score will definitely help you with your decision. All in all: we are proud of this.

Untappd is an app for beer lovers from all over the world. Because this app is packed with information about almost every beer, brewer and provider, you can easily look up and rate a beer. We are currently the only non-alcoholic beer webshop that has the Untappd score display. Read more about Alcohol Free Beerhouse and Untappd here.

Shopping experience

In summary, the above innovations should contribute to a better and simpler shopping experience. After all, you don't just buy non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer from us... you get knowledge and experience as well.

Finally, what do you think of the Alcohol Free Beer House 2.0 and its innovations? Share your experience via our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter

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